Isaiah 40:8
"The Word of our God stands forever."
Father Ben Fiore:  “The Catholic Church's Encounters with Islam”
    Monday afternoons (1-3)   St Michael’s Church  651 Washington St., Buffalo 14203      
    Dates:  Sept 11 and 25, Oct 30, Nov 20, Dec  4, Jan 8

Topics of discussion in this course will include: Islam's Rise & Expansion; Holy Sepulcher,
destruction, Crusades and Restoration;  Francis' mission & Franciscan protectorate; Occupation of Spain, the Reconquista and Inquisition; Jesuit mission in India; Defense of Italy, Otranto,
Lepanto; Defense of Europe, the Balkans, Vienna;  the Slave Trade and the Colonies.

Father Paul Steller:  “The Life, Times and Writings of Augustine of Hippo”
    Thursday afternoon (1-3)  Newman Center at UB North , 495 Skinnersville Rd, Amherst 14228
    Dates:  Sept 7 and  21, Oct 5, Nov 9 and 30, Dec 14

A historical journey through the late 4th and early 5th centuries considering the culture, beliefs and people who influenced the person and thinking of Saint Augustine.  A look at his two significant writings – The CONFESSSIONS and the CITY OF GOD. Implications of his teaching on Christian life then and now!
Barbara Shanahan:  :  ‘Letter to the Hebrews’  or ‘ Homily for Bewildered Christians’
    Tuesday morning (10-noon)   St Philip the Apostle Church, 950 Losson Rd.,
                        Cheektowaga 14227
    Dates:  Sept 5 and 19, Oct 3, Nov 7 and 28, Dec 12

    Tuesday evenings (7-9)  Newman Center at UB North , 495 Skinnersville Rd, Amherst 14228
        Dates:  Sept 12 and 26,  Oct 31,    Nov 21,    Dec 5, 19

The usual questions we ask of a text elude us in the Letter to the Hebrews.  This ‘letter’ is most unique among the New Testament writings and takes us into entirely new territory when     speaking of Christ.   Christology unfolds the meaning and significance of the life, death and     resurrection of Christ.  Each New Testament book in one way or other addresses the issue of Christology.   Writers develop their Christology in unique ways, embedding it within the narrative or writing they craft.   In the Letter to the Hebrews, the writer speaks of the role of Christ, the eternal high priest to challenge us to a deeper appreciation of his life-giving  ministry, death and resurrection and how this effects our understanding of Christ and our role as sharers in this priestly ministry and recipients of God’s saving gift communicated through Christ.   

SUGGESTED TEXT:  The Letter to the Hebrews by Albert Vanhoye, SJ   Published by Paulist Press,  2015

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