Biblical Studies

"The Word of our God stands forever."
Isaiah 40:8
Scroll Fragments by Barbara Shanahan            
         "The Scroll", August 2017

Each of the four Gospels tells the story of Jesus feeding the crowds.   He instructs  the disciples to have the people sit down on the grass in groups.   I always imagined this to resemble
individual gardens of a variety of people in small bunches.  I don’t know for sure, I wasn’t there!  I only have the story to go by.  But, on the afternoon of June 4th as I made my way to the 25th
Anniversary celebration at Klocs, this was the image that became very real to me that day.  The lasting memory that will remain with me is of the variety of people, the joy on the faces of each person around each table;  each of the tables ringed with people who have such a good reason to celebrate  the common bond we have in the word of God.  There was a joyfulness that was
palpable.   The multitudes were fed in many ways and there are baskets full of what remains. And I now have some better idea of what the Gospel story means. 

How do I thank you…Elsie, Michael, Mary, Jack, Anne, Nancy,  Susan, Esther, Ralph, Tony, Linda, Barbara, Jim, Teresa, Diane,  Kathy, Dick,  Lyn,  Leslie, Tom,  Betsy, Marilyn,  Michele, Mary Ann, Paula, Fred, Jay,  Ginny,  Madonna, Richard, Carole, Janice,  Charlene, Judy, JoAnne, Bill …   some of the many who took time to write a note.   I treasure each one!  Your remembrances touched me, recollections of things that happened, things that were said, things which you had to wrestle and struggle to grasp or let go of or think about.  And yes…even my shortcomings that you so kindly excused or seemed to understand.  How much we have shared that is really
important in the scheme of things!  We lived through life-changing events with our eyes focused on the word of God.  Then there were the study trips!  How many wonderful things we have seen as we traveled to Israel, Jordan and Turkey!  The CBS experience of classes, study days, and trips have left an indelible mark on you and me and this is the greatest gift I could hope for.  As I have said many times over…this work I do is a privilege.  It is also the lasting bond that   forever binds us together.  I cannot forget you and I hope you will always remember something of the best of me. 

Just so you know, this was not a retirement party but a party to celebrate what all of us together have accomplished in these 25 years.  The program is diminishing because for whatever reason, we do not have students to sustain new classes.  If we do not have students, we do not have a mission.  It is very clear to me that God has spoken through the numbers in recent years   We simply must be grateful for what has been and what will continue for at least 2 more years in a limited way.  This newsletter tells you we are not finished yet!  God has his plan for each of us!

Thank you for whatever role you had in making June 4th a day to remember, A day that gave grateful praise to God!